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ALERT: Louboutin's (how could you not love them)

ALERT – I have a co-worker who has a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for sale.I totally don’t understand how anyone would want to part with Louboutin’s but I’m sure she has a good reason.If anyone has size 11.5 feet and want to see them, let me know and I’ll send a picture.They are an awesome deal considering how many dollars they are originally.My bucket list only has one thing on it and that is to own a pair of Louboutin’s before I pass on to the most awesome shoe house in the sky. The weekend weather was so worthy of whining about the heat but really there was no excuse after all of the crappy weather we have had.Give it a couple of weeks and then it is ok to whine. Sunday the kids and I were in charge of beverages at church and thankfully they stopped doing coffee and tea because it is just too darn hot.They were like camels!Three jugs of juice were gone before you could blink and it was pretty funny to see some of their faces when they saw that all they were getting after that wa…

Ladies, a word of warning....

I was waiting (impatiently) for the kettle to boil at the office (you would think with the way technology has advanced they could make water boil instantaneously!) and I actually read the poster about the office defibrillator.

Ladies, you know how you put on your rattiest old bra because it is the most comfortable and hey, who will see it anyways?Well, look at this poster.Should, God forbid, you have a stroke at the office (and oh how many times I’ve thought that was happening), your co-workers are going to rip open your top to attach the defibrillator paddles.
A shirt worth ripping off....mmmm Guess what ladies?  Your co-workers are going to see your bra.Your rattiest, silliest, most favourite undergarment.  I'm kind of partial to the fish!

Chances are that co-workers other than the ones who are on the health and safety committee will also see your undergarment because people like to know what’s going on (myself included).So don’t take any chances.No matter how much you want …

Work, work, work....but always in fabulous shoes

Wow!It has been eons since my last post.Work has taken over my life but I am slowly trying to find my life/work/bike/run/walk balance.It is a slippery slope these days especially on days like today where it is 7:30 p.m. and I am still at the office. So much has been going on lately – floods, Donald, snow, Donald, rain, Donald, Wynne trying to buy our love, Donald….you’ve heard it all I’m sure.

We really need a few sunny Spring days to get our groove back.

Oops…work beckons and I don’t want to be going home at midnight so here are some fun quotes to help you get through your day.

More soon….

And my favourite saying of the week:  Nobody grew up dreaming of being a human staple remover.

Is it ok to scream in the gym?

Ah, what better way to end a day (or begin for that matter) than with a(nother) new pair of shoes.  I went to Payless last night to look at their lilac shoes for Spring but they didn't have my size.  They did though, have these beauties in my size.  And on fate.

Even Gnomie approved. 

Gnomie has been in hiding (in a jacket I haven't worn in a while) so he was excited to get outside last night but he certainly could have picked a better spot to play.

I went to the gym yesterday and the viewing....well....hmmm....pretty nice. There was a guy in spandex tights...tight spandex tights.  It is like an accident, you just can't stop yourself from looking.  I'm pretty sure that he knew that too which is why he had on his tight spandex tights.  Is it redundant to say tight and tights?  Who knows.  Good thing that he looked  pretty nice in those tight spandex tights or it might not have been such a pleasant way for me to spend my time on the bike.

So, I was on the spi…

When is early too early?

The things we do in the name of beauty (or is it just me?).I was up at 4:00 today.Yes, a.m.Out of the house at 4:50 – also in the a.m.Had a 15 minute walk to get to the nearest bus that was running. All to get to the hairdresser’s at 6:00 – yes, that is still in the a.m.You really have to trust your hairdresser to let her get the scissors going so early in the day. It was a pretty spooky walk to the bus and -20 with the wind so a chilly, spooky journey.Didn’t see a sole, a dog, cat or even a squirrel.I saw one car and one snow plow that was plowing the drive thru at Starbucks – priorities!
It started out as a much better walk than it was yesterday but as soon as I got off our street and onto the sidewalk on the main drag it was blocked with snow and I had to walk on the road.

What is it with people that they snowblow or plow their laneways and blow the snow onto the sidewalk?So rude!I have decided that should this happen again – and hopefully it won’t until next winter – I will be ringin…

I'm madder than a wet hen!

Madder than a wet hen. A thoughtfully complex metaphor describing someone who is raging mad. When hens are wet, they are mad. In fact, they are livid. Use this phrase to express the intensity of another's anger.

I wasn’t able to work off my mad at the gym and believe me I tried hard so I’m hoping I can write my mad away. I went to the gym, changed the channel on the TV close to the exercise bikes (no one else was anywhere nearby) to the news.Our news because the US news just gets my blood pressure up these days.I’m sure that there is a lot more happening in the world than Donald but no one seems to care enough to put it on the news…but I digress.

I get on my bike, put it to a sweaty fat burning workout.Wouldn’t it just be easier to burn the fat off?I am about 10 minutes in and a guy comes in, takes the remote that I put in the bike next to me because I didn’t have a place to put it, changes the channel to sports, gets on a bike and proceeds to bike and watch.I could feel myself getti…

One of my favourite times of the year

Time for new running shoes!  Don't these look like they will make me go really fast?  Hope so.  I'm just waiting for a bit drier weather to take them outside for their first time.  Until then,

Can you think of a better way to start a Saturday than with a facial at the spa?

Well, of course starting your Saturday on a beach in the Dominican Republic would definitely beat that but since it isn't an option for most us of, a facial it will be.  I haven't had one before and it was fabulous.  Gladys has magic hands and I highly recommend her and my favourite spa - Westboro Spa on Churchill Avenue.

Gladys turned me from this:
to this:

I was in the relaxed zone with the spa music playing, Gladys massaging my face and then youch! Wasn't expecting my pores to be squeezed.  You didn't mention that part Cindy - lol.  Oh so worth a moment or two of discomfort. 

I only wish I could have followed up my facial with a wash and a blow dry because I l…