Is it ok to scream in the gym?

Ah, what better way to end a day (or begin for that matter) than with a(nother) new pair of shoes.  I went to Payless last night to look at their lilac shoes for Spring but they didn't have my size.  They did though, have these beauties in my size.  And on fate.

Even Gnomie approved. 

Gnomie has been in hiding (in a jacket I haven't worn in a while) so he was excited to get outside last night but he certainly could have picked a better spot to play.

I went to the gym yesterday and the viewing....well....hmmm....pretty nice. There was a guy in spandex tights...tight spandex tights.  It is like an accident, you just can't stop yourself from looking.  I'm pretty sure that he knew that too which is why he had on his tight spandex tights.  Is it redundant to say tight and tights?  Who knows.  Good thing that he looked  pretty nice in those tight spandex tights or it might not have been such a pleasant way for me to spend my time on the bike.

So, I was on the spin bike trying to put some extra effort into it and looked down an OH THE HORROR!!  The handlebars on the bike are shiny silver which means they reflect.  What did I see when I looked down?

Add in a turkey neck and you get the picture.  I am NEVER using that bike again.  I suppose that it could be looked at like incentive to keep working but biking faster and longer isn't going to help with the wrinkles...maybe the turkey neck though.  I never realized that is probably why some people put a towel over the bars.  Silly me thought it was to catch the sweat.  I wonder if I ran a glue stick over my top lip if it would tighten up those wrinkles.  Anyone ever tried that?

Time to get on with my day.  I hope that you all have a good one.  We have made it to Wednesday although there are too many hours left to get through the work part of it.

I'd love to hear from you guys so send messages, suggestions for posts, pictures, chocolate, dinner get the picture.


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