Work, work, work....but always in fabulous shoes

Wow!  It has been eons since my last post.  Work has taken over my life but I am slowly trying to find my life/work/bike/run/walk balance.  It is a slippery slope these days especially on days like today where it is 7:30 p.m. and I am still at the office. 
So much has been going on lately – floods, Donald, snow, Donald, rain, Donald, Wynne trying to buy our love, Donald….you’ve heard it all I’m sure.

We really need a few sunny Spring days to get our groove back.

Oops…work beckons and I don’t want to be going home at midnight so here are some fun quotes to help you get through your day.

More soon….


Recent new cute!

And my favourite saying of the week:  Nobody grew up dreaming of being a human staple remover.


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