ALERT: Louboutin's (how could you not love them)

ALERT – I have a co-worker who has a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes for sale.  I totally don’t understand how anyone would want to part with Louboutin’s but I’m sure she has a good reason.  If anyone has size 11.5 feet and want to see them, let me know and I’ll send a picture.  They are an awesome deal considering how many dollars they are originally.  My bucket list only has one thing on it and that is to own a pair of Louboutin’s before I pass on to the most awesome shoe house in the sky.
The weekend weather was so worthy of whining about the heat but really there was no excuse after all of the crappy weather we have had.  Give it a couple of weeks and then it is ok to whine.
Sunday the kids and I were in charge of beverages at church and thankfully they stopped doing coffee and tea because it is just too darn hot.  They were like camels!  Three jugs of juice were gone before you could blink and it was pretty funny to see some of their faces when they saw that all they were getting after that was water.  Sorry kids!

My friend George made my day.  He cornered me in the kitchen after I had dismissed the children so they could get on with their days.  He said that he always thought that I was one of the more attractive women at church.  A woman can’t hear those kinds of word enough….even if they come from someone over 80.  You really have admire the older generation for not caring about political correctness and hitting on a married woman.  He wants to meet for coffee J.

I’m watching the window washer guys at the building across from me getting ready to start work.  Oh, so not a job I could ever do.  So scary.
Yesterday I saw a couple who coming off of the Queensway on their motorcycle with a trailer on it.  I mention the trailer because that infers that they have gone some distance (possibly camping) while on their bike.  No I mention this couple (who looked to be in their late 20s or early 30s, because they had come off of the Queensway where a lot of people are going 120km/h or more in some cases (although, I was cut off in the passing lane yesterday while I was doing that and the person slowed down to 100.  OMG what were they thinking?  We all were pretty pissed I have to say.  It was (sadly) a woman who just chugged along in the passing lane fluffing her hair.  Idiot!  So, back to the bikers and why I mention them.  They were wearing tank tops and flip flops.  Can you imagine how much flesh would be lost if they were in an accident on the Queensway.  Silly, silly idiots.

Then there was the guy who had his tiny, hairless, creepy dog sitting in a basket that was attached to his front seat.  Have to admit that I screamed on the inside when I turned that way.  Plus, his window was all the way down.  What if the dog jumped out of the window?

Hope you all are either inside with air conditioning or planning your picnic basket for the beach.



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